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Overlooking Briones Regional Park, the Carter Acres House commands an overwhelming view of the parkland and wildlife.  Two existing California native oak trees were protected and saved to frame a distant view, and the house rests framing the existing oaks to form a courtyard.


The house experience was designed to capture the distant view of Mount Diablo, so that all main rooms have a mountain view and you are transformed by the environment, as you feel the mountain weather inside your home.  Large bronze metal Optimum lift and slide doors gently pocket so that the East view is captured.  Organic natural materials were selected for the exterior and interior palette. 


The California weather lends itself to living an outdoor lifestyle, so from practically every room the house was designed to borrow a view and have an outdoor veranda, to step outside to breathe.


The house feels like a restful stage as it looks outside to the landscape as its audience.

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